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Home to a few of the most renowned designers, Lebanon is a constant source of new talents. The ever bubbling hub of fashion in the Middle East inherently welcomes a great creative flow in its very essence. It is no surprise that internationally acclaimed names like Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab are all native to the land of the cedars. With the success of these designers booming over the past decade, the path has been paved for young emerging artists to fully let their talents shine through.

Come discover some of the designers taking the country by storm



Nada Debs Boutique:



A gorgeous boutique sits in Saifi Village, specializing in distinct pieces for home designs. Nada Debs, the woman behind it all, produces work that spans scales of discipline from product to furniture design. After growing up in Japan and returning to Lebanon, her gift of connecting cultures has translated into her style, ultimately allowing for her pieces to be unmatched elsewhere.









Sarah’s Bag



Sarah Baydoun took it upon herself to build a Lebanese fashion house and social enterprise designed to empower local underprivileged women. After conducting research with an NGO that rehabilitates women at risk and ex-prisoners, she decided to set up a business such that employs the women whom she had met during her time volunteering. The result? Beautiful one of a kind luxury handcrafted bags and accessories popular for their stellar craftsmanship and vibrant high spirited appeal, empowering not only the women who make them but also those who wear them.








Hussein Bazaza


Bazaza is becoming a household name as a designer after originally making his name from Starch, an NGO. The organization by Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar designed to launch Lebanese designers has been a huge success over recent years and Bazaza’s talents allowed him to be one of the beneficiaries. Once his signature style was recognized, his work stood out from the crowd for embodying a style of romantic evening wear with a modern attitude. Therefore, in considering his pieces you find elements that are unique to his character and story; deeply soulful, evoking hints of femme fatale.








Sandra Mansour


Widely considered “the hybrid”, Sandra Mansour made her name in the Lebanese fashion scene by combining her Lebanese roots to her Swiss upbringing. Launching her label five years ago from Lebanon, her designs were not taken lightly. She has since been celebrated for her use of rich fabrics, delicate embroidery and a simple elegance, allowing for Mansour to gain international recognition for her Bridal Ready to Wear collections and on a more local level grew popular for her store in Gemmayze.









Azzi & Osta


The pair are said to redefine Lebanese couture with their signature surrealist style. Azzi & Osta create unconventional dresses that delicate tulles and embroidery with sharp geometric shapes, deconstructing and creating a fresh Lebanese couture aesthetic The designers’ only workshop is in the busy hub that is Ashrafieh, Beirut, but an international expansion is easily foreseeable in their bright futures.