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Lebanese cuisine is globally notorious for activating taste buds. Allow us to take you on a journey to uncover the authentic Mediterranean pallet. Although it is impossible to count all the delicious places, the following are a few that do a great job in encapsulating the true experience of Lebanon.


Traditional Dining





A contemporary Lebanese restaurant that first opened  in Paris and has been open for a few years in Ashrafieh, Beirut. The restaurant is nestled in a beautifully renovated Lebanese villa. Famous for brunches and dinners, the restaurant is especially valued for its attentive staff and overall dining experience.















A traditional Lebanese restaurant open in two branches. With a great ambiance and even greater food, Babel hosts a typical Lebanese dining experience. In fact, it is a popular place for families to host their Sunday lunches, so you know it’s good.














A dining concept by Kemal Mouzawek in which an open kitchen runs the restaurant, welcoming different local chefs with the overall objective of shining a light on the cooking of talented rural chefs whilst presenting them with a business opportunity. The cuisine is unified by their love for cooking and for Lebanon.









Street Food





Located on a corner in Sin El Fil, Joseph is home to the winner of the “World’s Tastiest Sandwich”. Popular for its premium quality for taste and cleanliness, Joseph is assured to present you the best falafel and shawarma in town and satisfy your greatest cravings.














Having a small version of chains peppered around Beirut, Barbar is guaranteed not to let you down when you need it. With menu items like Tawouk and Chicken Francisco, your tastebuds will be spoiled!


















“There are Falafel and there is SahyounA local favourite, Sahyoun is everyone’s go to for Falafel. Based in Ashrafieh, they perfected a vegan friendly taste of our rich culture.











Lebanese Sweets



Arabic pastry has always been an intricate part of Lebanese history and Lebanon is renowned for creating unique tastes and infinite variety.













Amal Bohsali:


Coming from one of the families that established the industry in Lebanon, Amal Bohsali has kept this 140 year industry constantly updated yet still only a family business. From pastries like Knefeh, Sfouf, Ashta and Halawet El Jeben. Amal Bohsali makes it all, so if you are looking to find authentic desserts; this is the place to go. A local favorite for gatherings and events.










Halwayet Salam ~ Bouzet Hanna:


A small ice cream shop sitting in Ashrafieh has newly become internationally renowned for hosting the best ice cream in the world. No longer our little secret, what is casually referred to as “Bouzet Hanna” is known for its uniquely fresh Arabic Ice Cream with owner renowned for his ‘rude character”. Once there, taste flavours like rosewater, pistachio, apricot, lemon and ashta ice cream.