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Like most places Lebanon has its hidden gems and quirks that together create the true Lebanese experience. Failing to acknowledge the  individuals whose contributions greatly stand out on a social level, you miss a significant aspect of the Lebanese essence and cultural lifestyle. With us, you’ll understand why the nation is truly as special as we know it is.



Kemal Mouzawak:


Founder of Lebanon’s rural gem, Souk El Tayeb, Kemal Mouzawak stands out for creating the opportunity for locals from villages to profit off their traditional agricultural lifestyles. Motivated by supporting farmers struggling to make their keep, Mouzawak hosts an organic farmers market weekly from 9am till 2pm on Saturdays. Meanwhile running a restaurant named Tawlet, a new concept running on the same motive. The restaurant behaves as an open kitchen and maintains a quality experience for diners while welcoming a new chef from different socio-economic backgrounds daily.






Yazan Halwani:


Born in our war torn city of Beirut, Halwani took to street art to present a new outlook on the local status quo. By 2011 Halwani had adopted a mural style rooted to Lebanese culture through the use of Arabic calligraphy and portraits of iconic Arab role models. He often says, "Graffiti has a strong connotation of vandalism, but in my city most people who have done vandalism are corrupt politicians as we see through the resonance of the civil war.”









Antoine Haddad


“The ultimate goal of the gallery is to democratize art”. Antoine Haddad. Founder of ART Lab, Haddad wanted to make art more accessible to the youth and did so by bringing works by Middle Easterners to the forefront and showcasing their talents. Based in Gemmayze, the gallery is a few steps away from a fun night out in town.














 Gino Raidy


Born from his love of food, Gino Raidy, was able to bring people together by experimenting and reporting about different places on his blog until he opened Souk el Akl, an almost weekly affair where new restaurants that have not yet opened can showcase their dishes and test their creations on their future clients.. These events birthed some of the most popular restaurants in Beirut like The Bros, notorious for their burgers or Sushi Burrito. However, it also housed more experimental items like the Donut Burger, a must try, and more!