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Cultural Sightseeing Tours 

Discover the country, while visiting the cultural and historical sites, walking through Beirut Down Town, visiting the prestigious ruins of Baalbeck temples, wandering in the oldest inhabitant city of Byblos, visiting Phoenician Tyr… Lebanon is also known for its museums, like Archaeological & History museums, Bank museum, Fossil museums‎, Wax museums…

Heritage & Villages

Silk museum, blow glass, bell making, pottery making, local handcrafts making, soap making, etc..
Discover the tradition of each region while introducing the famous products and artisanal crafts. Crafts in Lebanon are numerous and varied and can mostly be attributed to the patient work of craftsmen of the Lebanese mountains. Namely, blown glass, pottery, Phoenician Tyrian Purple fabrics, fine ceramics and the Arab’s magnificent jewelry, delicately embroidered textiles and garments woven with gold and silver threads. One can also mention the manufacture of the crusader’s bronze bells, 19th century cutlery and 20th century leather crafts.

Gastronomy & Wine Tasting

Cooking class, souk el tayeb, wine tasting, street food tours, visiting local sweet factory, etc…
Every city has its hidden culinary secrets. Experience rural and coastal Lebanese cuisine, taste the wines of Bekaa Valley, Batroun and other regions. Lebanon is among the oldest sites of wine production in the world. Wild Discovery can take you to the core of Lebanon’s different cities to highlight local pastries and meet with their makers.

Art & Architecture tours 

Visiting old houses and discover the old and new architecture, art galleries, fashion designers workplace, etc.. Lebanon is one of the artistic hot spots of the Middle East, where music, painting, literature, theatre and dance all play a vital role in the cultural life, with plenty of live performances and festivals going on at any one time. Architecture in Lebanon includes the legacies of various occupying powers including the Romans, Phoenicians, Ottomans and French, as well as post independence developments.


Hiking, discovering natural reserves, planting trees, beekeeping & honey extraction, olive picking, etc..
It is true that Lebanon area does not exceed 10452 square Km but each Km gives new delightful experiences. Enjoy Lebanon’s Diverse Natural Beauty while visiting the different natural reserves and hiking in the highest point in Lebanon. Nature reserves cover a vast array of classifications, from sea to land. For nature lovers, Wild Discovery takes you on a unique journey to Lebanon countryside to experience local activities from honey extraction to olive and apple picking, participate in a responsible way and end up savoring authentic lunch with locals.

Team Building

Igloo building, rally paper, treasure hunt, corporate drumming, yoga classes, etc Are you interested in holding team building events in your workplace? You don’t have to spend a lot of money nor do they need to be ostentatious or complicated. From communication activities, to problem solving and/or decision making activities, adaptability and/or planning activities, and activities that focus on building trust, Wild Discovery will organize team building activities that are both fun and challenging, and that also have the “side effect” of building teamwork skills.

Luxury Activities 

Yachting, luxury camping, rustic lunch on top of mountain… Wild Discovery designs personalized and unique luxury experiences. From champagne sunset on a luxury yacht to camping under the stars in a secluded hidden area of Lebanon, Wild Discovery looks for one-off experiences and activities. Whether it is gourmet lunch on top of mountain or clubbing in Lebanon’s fanciest nightclubs, let us show you the best of Lebanon in intimacy and exclusivity.

Themed Nights 

One thousand and one night, gala dinners in exclusive places, Lebanese folkloric night,
No joke, a good theme will take your party from a boring gathering to the party of the century. Wild Discovery will take you back to the One Thousand and One Nights fairy tale, where our guests use their imaginations and feel as though they are travelling on a magic carpet to a village far away at your Arabian nights’ themed party. Think belly dancers, rustic lanterns, Arabian tent and of course a delicious Lebanese plates..

Plan a Visit to Chateau Marsyas 

Book a private visit to Château Marsyas vineyard located near the village of Kefraya in the West Bekaa. It’s the perfect occasion to discover the philosophy behind this premium Lebanese wine, walk through the vineyard and taste Château Marsyas' stunning wines. To learn more, visit