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Fat Biking

Even though they look a bit odd, fat-tire bikes are specialized mountain bikes that offer a smooth ride over the tough arctic terrain. You'll have loads of fun riding out on the sea ice and along rocky ridges. Your bike's stable fat tires will carry you over the mostly smooth surface and across some shallow creeks with ease. All fat-bike excursions are escorted by a UTV for repairs and support.


Fishing for Arctic char at the top of the world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Guests are welcome to try their hand at "catch and release" conservation fishing using the equipment and gear provided. Or, bring your preferred gear and fly fish beautiful Innukshuk Lake.


Guests will learn tips and techniques for tracking and photographng unique arctic wildlife, all while exploring the diverse sights of Summerset Island and Cunningham Valley under 24-hour sunlight and evening "arctic golden light."
Guests may also have opportunities to photograph polar bears, beluga whales, arctic hare and fox. Natural wildlife habitats, which have been undisturbed for hundreds of years, will likewise be discovered in the program.

Trail running

Short- and long-distance runners alike will have a chance to tackle the well-marked trails surrounding the lodge on an ATV-escorted run. Scenic views and possible wildlife sightings accompany this challenge to your legs. Whether you choose to run the full two-hour route or cap your run at an earlier point, you will be rewarded with dry clothes and a ride back to the lodge after your journey.