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Why Franchise

In order for the franchise to succeed, it requires the commitment and dedication of both parties to fulfill their obligations. As a franchisee of WILD DISCOVERY, you will receive the following services and benefits:
1.Advertising & Marketing including:
   a.Cooperative Advertising,
   b.Post-Launch support including Soft Opening and Launch Event

2.Personnel, manuals and training including
   a.Training before opening

3.Transfer of know how through operations manuals

4.Full IT platform

5.HR selection assistance

6.3.  Site selection & service providers including:

7.Site selection assistance

8.Approval of service providers (suppliers)

a.Franchise network
Once opened, WILD DISCOVERY, member of the Lebanese Franchise Association will provide you with the following continuing support:
●  On-going provision of management, operational, technical advice and guidance through telephone or electronic communication and video conferencing
● Continuous product/service update
● Periodical visits
● Update of operations manual as and when deemed necessary
● Individual advice and counseling
●Ongoing research and development
●Ongoing training
6. Initial investment & Conditions 
Initial Investment
WILD DISCOVERY offers an affordable model for entrepreneur to do business under its brand with a low initial investment. The following table shows the expected range of costs for developing a typical WILD DISCOVERY outlet of around 50 sqm.
The fit out and decoration Fees ranges from US $50k to US$75k
The following table shows the initial investment costs of WILD DISCOVERY Sample unit that will assist you in performing your financials*.
*All values are in US Dollars
Franchise fees
Franchise fees are calculated based on territory and market
● 10% to be paid upon signature of the MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding)
● 90% to be paid upon signature of the Franchise Agreement
Average revenue per Unit
The average revenue of a single unit will depends on its specific location and region, and varies between $2,000,000 & $6,000,000
Margins & Profitability
The globalization of the travel sector and its competitive nature resulted in limited margins. For these reasons, volume is very important and a key success factor of profitability. On average, margins varies between 10% to 20%
The royalty fee is equal to 2% on the Gross Sales of the outlet.