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Initial Investment

Wild Discovery offers an affordable model for entrepreneurs to do business under its brand with a low initial investment.
Below is the expected range of costs for developing a typical Wild Discovery outlet of around 50 sqm, which will assist you in performing your financials.
  • The fit out and decoration Fees ranges from US $50k to US$75k (All values are in US Dollars)
  • Investment per square meter: $1,000
  • Average unit square meter: 50
  • Pre-operating expenses: $10,000
Franchise Fees

Franchise fees are calculated based on territory and market
  • 10% to be paid upon signature of the MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding)
  • 90% to be paid upon signature of the Franchise Agreement
Average revenue per Unit

The average revenue of a single unit will depend on its specific location and region and varies between $2,000,000 & $6,000,000
Margins & Profitability

The globalization of the travel sector and its competitive nature resulted in limited margins. For these reasons, the volume is very important and a key success factor of profitability. On average, margins vary between 10% to 20%


The royalty fee is equal to 2% on the Gross Sales of the outlet.