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A leisurely-paced river cruise is ideal for anyone in need of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Pamper yourself with a wellness treatment in our tranquil Serenity River Spa™. Unwind with a gentle yoga session. Slip away to the luxury of your beautiful stateroom or suite, where you'll find comfy robes and soothing Hermès and L'Occitane en Provence bath and body products. Sheer bliss!

Le Casino and Piano Bar

Try your luck in Le Casino‭, ‬which features slot machines‭, ‬blackjack‭, ‬and roulette‭, ‬and is open every evening‭, ‬except where prohibited by port regulations‭. ‬We also invite you to grab a drink at the Piano Bar and enjoy nightly piano entertainment‭.‬

Pool and Pool Bar

Soak in the South Pacific sunshine with a day spent lounging by our outdoor pool‭. ‬Cool off in the refreshing water‭, ‬grab a cocktail from the adjacent Pool Bar‭, ‬or take in the scenery from a comfortable lounge chair‭.‬

Local Entertainment

In addition to Les Gauguins‭ & ‬Les Gauguines‭, ‬on every voyage we invite local performers onboard to entertain you‭. ‬Don't miss an evening spent with local group Mamas and Papas‭, ‬whose dynamic performance of Polynesian dance and singing is a perennial guest favorite‭.‬

La Boutique

Just steps from your stateroom‭, ‬find the perfect memento of your South Pacific cruise‭, ‬like genuine Tahitian black pearl jewelry‭ ‬exclusively designed for Paul Gauguin Cruises‭, ‬Tahitian vanilla‭, ‬local arts and handicrafts‭, ‬souvenir apparel‭, ‬and more‭. ‬It's also the perfect place to pick up any necessary sundries or toiletries‭, ‬like swimwear‭, ‬beach attire‭, ‬sunscreen‭, ‬and batteries‭.‬


The waters of French Polynesia and the South Pacific offer a world of wonders with translucent lagoons‭, ‬rainbow-colored coral reefs‭, ‬and a myriad of tropical fish‭. ‬A highlight of the Paul Gauguin Cruises'‭ ‬experience is watersports and we offer many opportunities to explore these seas‭.‬


Float effortlessly over rainbow-colored coral reefs and come nose to nose with parrotfish‭, ‬clownfish‭, ‬giant clams‭, ‬and sea turtles‭. ‬Dive deeper to swim alongside colorful sea anemones‭, ‬eagle rays‭, ‬sharks‭, ‬and octopi‭. ‬Polynesia's translucent‭, ‬shimmering aqua lagoons are begging to be explored‭. ‬And there's no better place to do so than from the m/s Paul Gauguin›s retractable watersports marina‭, ‬where you can embark on an optional SCUBA adventure‭.‬

Spa‭ & ‬Fitness

Leisurely days at sea offer the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a little‭ ‬"me time‭,‬"‭ ‬whether that's an indulgent treatment at our award-winning onboard spa‭, ‬or a workout in our fitness center‭.‬